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From Instagram Likes to Product Lines

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by Michelle, of Michelle Arnold Photography

For the longest time, I have been solely depending on likes on Instagram posts to garner new business. I would try my best to post at least two images a day after reading article after article that two images daily developed into more traffic to my Instagram profile. I ran promotions. Money spent that did bring in clients. I also noted that people had themes. Each person’s Instagram was fluid. And all the reviews of the most successful IG pages confirmed this. Every image fell into an aesthetic, which is definitely more appealing to the eye.

Unfortunately, over time I became to realize, my images did not fall into this little bubble.

Unfortunately, over time I became to realize, my images did not fall into this little bubble. My post were scattered. Each image its own individual story.


Each image was it’s own story.

I even thought of adding the same filter to each photo I already posted. But that would be time consuming, not to mention take away from the real feel I wanted for the image. Each post was specifically edited to convey exactly what I wanted it to convey. I didn’t want to fake it to appeal to the masses just to get followers.

I didn’t want to fake it to appeal to the masses just to get followers

Then I noticed another thing. The more I engaged with others, followed others, the more traffic hit my page. The more likes I received, the more followers I got. I had found a tactic that worked!

…the more followers I got. I had found a tactic that worked!

However, this was time consuming. I felt like I began neglecting my children, my husband, even colleagues during lunch, just to get followers. Most of all it felt like work. I wanted my life back.

the kiddos

…wanted my life back

The biggest kicker was something that although I knew, I was still hopeful: Most Instagramers reside outside the US. At this point of utter frustration, and struggling to stay above 600 followers, I just flat-lined. I had began to stray away. Although I loved taking pictures, the constant tagging, and hashtagging had been enough. And I just wasn’t picking up enough clients to justify going at it full throttle.

I began focusing on my camera skills, and figuring out what I could do. I also had photoshoots booked via referrals from Facebook, which continually produced more work than Instagram despite being a part of the same system.

The more I set my focus on family, friends, and Facebook (the three F’s), I found my time was not being eaten up. My Facebook pages were so much easier to post to, and my pages already had followings, and most importantly local followings.

With this came request for products outside of photo sessions. Images that weren’t necessarily of people, but that could be paired with an inspirational quote, could be wall art, or clothing.

I had heard it for the last two years, but it seemed the more my portfolio grew, the more requests for products with my photography arose.

And then I Googled it! Low and Behold SquareSpace had linked with Printful. I have had this website for at least a year. I knew you could sell products, but I didn’t think it was user friendly for photos to clients. But I also didn’t notice it could be paired with services such as Printful.

Whether or not it had always been, or that it was now available, I stumbled upon it. And I’m not looking back!!!

Quickly, I saw how easy and painless it was to create my products share them on Facebook. Not only did my Facebook traffic increase, and inquiries develop, but my SquareSpace website has had traffic exceeding what I ever experienced on Instagram, or word of mouth.

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Sunset Beach iPhone Case
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With requests pouring in I am able to customize a store that will cater to my clients needs. I have truly fallen in love.

With That I say all of this to steer you in the direction of my Stores, to buy products, and to request products you don’t see. If there is a photo you know I have taken and you want it on a shirt, bag, towel, coffee mug, let me know! Ill try to get every request on the store!

I’m so excited for this new direction!