Your Fair Wedding

What a beautiful introduction to Wedding Photography. 

I approached the day like any other getting to work a couple hours earlier than usual to be able to leave at a decent time. I enjoy my job, it's rewarding. But what was waiting me for me that afternoon was going to be new, different, and had me nervous. 

I pulled up to the home of the bride, said a prayer for a steady hand, a peaceful mind, and thanking God for this new opportunity. 

Walking in, I was met with a bustling, yet somber scene of beautiful women. Right in front of me, sat the most important person in the room, getting finishing touches done, and the largest ring light I had ever seen in my life.

Soon after she was given a small bag, inside a card and beautiful gift from her groom. It was a quiet moment, but one that showed joy and anticipation


I scooted to the side to give her a private moment and snapped away at other moments unfolding. Eventually I found the dress. It hung beautifully framed by the door. 


In this moment I knew this job would be very different. My heart flooded with emotions of joy. Today, it would be overwhelming, but only because my eyes filled with excitement for what was to come. My own wedding was a rush of sequences. I can only remember when looking back at the photos. And I knew today, those moments I looked for, were the moments that would make this day a great memory to look back on. 


The little pieces that make up the big picture.

The coming together of two hearts. 


Every bit of decor. 

It was meant to show all in attendance a little story of their lives. 


The minute I committed to telling their story to completion, was the minute I was entranced in the many photo opportunities before me. Thankfully, I brought enough SD cards and batteries to capture almost 16 hours of memories. I was prepared and was overly joyed knowing I had an awesome challenge ahead.

From first looks with loved ones...



And first looks with her special someone.

I completely threw myself into my work. My focus was on capturing every awe, every sigh, and every moment that was sweet to me. 


There were so many that I I ended up taking over 1000 photos. It was great as I was a backup to the backup photographer! I was worried about getting 300 images. But I was able to bless the couple with 599 fully processed images!

It was thoroughly enjoyable. And it became something fun. Something that granted me anticipation as I was excited with everything that was unfolding. From the beautiful setting of a Cathedral backdrop for group photos...

The day was a fairy tale. 

It showed me that although it is a long day, the time rushes by. As you snap each photo you build a picturesque timeline.

One that you know looking in from the outside you will never forget.

One that you know looking in from the outside you will never forget.

From the first dance...

From the first dance...

Cutting the cake...

Cutting the cake...

To the last kiss. 

To the last kiss. 

I left that night exhausted. My feet on fire. But, my heart filled with joy. I cried when endearing moments were shared. I laughed when fun was had. And as I sat on the outside, not knowing anyone and not knowing the history of the bride or groom; I was totally connected by the love they shared. 

It was a blessing to be on the sidelines, and now I have Wedding fever and cannot wait until my next chance!